Ever had a crossroads in your career? When was it? At 5 years? 10 years? So far I have had two, the first happened at after 17 years teaching when a wave of changes swept over us. I began to realise that the following September, the place where I had grown both as a teacher and as an adult, would be a very different place. So I made the difficult decision and along with four other collegues I decided to jump ship and hand in my notice, with no job to go to. Any regrets? No. I managed to find a job at a local school which I loved, when after 18 months I was faced with another crossroads. This time the change of direction was out of my hands. Budget cuts meant that my contract couldn’t be made permanent as I had previously hoped. Regretably, I left that school last July and without another job to go to and I faced the prosect of supply teaching for the first time in the career.

The phrase ‘things happen for reason’ is banded around a lot and at the moment I’m not sure what that reason is, however it’s given me a chance to take a leap into the unknown in more ways than one. The extra time I currently have (which was previously spent planning and marking) means I can finally getting a round to writing a blog, something I have wanted to do for ages but before now I have never plucked up the courage to begin. I currently have no idea of my audience (or even if anyone will ever read this) but I’m writing because I want to. I want to help myself make sense of the crossroads I currently face and which road to travel down next.

#teaching #changes


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