Am I losing my mind?

I think there are two types of teachers. The ones who are absolutely organised, never ever lose anything and their desk is always eerily empty at the end of each day. This type annoy me because I fall into the other category, at times totally disorganised, can never find anything I need and my desk may look resemble some sort of tidiness at 8.30am, however half an hour later looks like I have just thrown a wad of A4 paper in that general direction. In other words, a mess.


I am always misplacing things- my car keys, phone, glasses, the list is endless. Everyday I utter the words ‘Have you seen my…?’ It drives my husband crazy. I’m the same at work. Excellent advice for anyone like me is to make good friends with the cleaners, as the majority of time they help find whatever I’ve lost- most recently the cable from my external hard drive, which the cleaner found lying abandoned on the hall floor. Don’t ask me how it ended up there! I once nearly ended up walking home (fortunately only about one mile) and abandon my car as I lost my car keys. I discovered them next to the photocopier, where I had just dumped them on arriving at school that morning. I mean why  didn’t I put them straight in my bag like any other normal person? At the time someone asked ‘Are you a loser?’, then they backtracked ‘No, I didn’t mean it personally, I mean are you always losing things?’ I think from my expression they realised I was slightly offended by this insult, but maybe they are right, maybe I am a loser.

One of my most embarrassing moments occurred a few weeks ago while I was supply teaching. I managed to take home probably one of the most important pieces of equipment – the interactive whiteboard pen. The worst thing was that I didn’t find the pen for nearly a week. When I opened my pencil case and found it lying on top of my other pens, it was like it was gloating. ‘Look at what you have bought home- what are the school going to say? They will have probably been searching all week for me’. 20161101_152919.jpg

Fortunately I was returning to that school the following day. Then I had another dilemma – own up or sneak in and replace when no one was in the classroom? Being the honest person I am, I owned up. Actually it’s not due to being honest, more the fact I am terrible at lying. The teacher actually laughed when I handed the pen back (I think it might have been that manic laugh when you are trying to be polite while wanting to punch the person you are talking to in the face).
I also seem to have a habit of losing important documents. Before the smug, organised ones who are reading this say anything, yes I do have a save place to keep these things, however they somehow seem to mysteriously migrate from this place. For example losing our marriage certificate, paying for a replacement, then losing that. I actually blame my husband for this. His tidying up consists of throwing items in the bin (however that’s another story altogether).
Finally, losing my glasses. This is a regular occurrence as I only wear my glasses for distance, so I am always taking them on and off. It always causes a great panic as without my glasses I am unable to drive home. On the particular occasion, during the second search of the school one teacher had a brainwave- he had given a girl in his class her glasses that he found in the hall, on top of the piano. She then wore them the rest of the day and fortunately put them in her drawer at the end of the day, where we found them, my glasses, that had been on a small 7 year old girl’s head all day. How she managed to see is beyond me.

I could blame being absent minded on hitting the grand old age of 40, and I have definitely got worse the older I am, however the lost glasses incident occurred in my second year of teaching when I was the grand old age of 23. There’s no hope for me! Loser!


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