Lost jumpers and hi-tech pencil cases

As a teacher I have spent a lot of time with children over the past 20 years but I am still constantly amazed at the strange and funny things they do. My main fascination is the ability to identify jumpers through smell. I’m not sure if this just a  northern skill or more wide spread. For those people unfamiliar with this, I will explain…

You all know about children using jumpers as goalposts, however it’s at the end of break when you are left with at least four jumpers that the skill comes into its own. You might scoff and point out that you should just look for the name label. No, no, no, that’s too easy. In the schools I have worked the children actually sniff the jumpers to identify their owner. Not just a little sniff either, remember to do this properly you need a long inhale. Then you throw the jumper at its owner. Simple. And 9 times out of 10 it’s correct. I have tentively tried this but have failed miserably. I mean what was I smelling for? A particular washing powder? Body odour? I have no idea. When I asked one particular child who was a real expert, they explained to me you just knew. I am sure this child could go into to get top job as perfumier or coffee connoisseur they had such a talent.

Another amazing ability that children have is to have the fanciest pencil case ever invented. 

Ever year they get more and more elaborate. Built in pencil shaper, electric eraser (how lazy), pencil crayons that stand upright like soldiers hoping for some colouring in action. Even a compass! I mean why is a child going to need that- to help them find their way to the toilets?  The pencil cases are becoming so hi-tech I am waiting for that momentous day when it will be about to make me a cup of tea half way through a lesson. 

However, when you ask children to get a simple pencil that’s another matter entirely. Can children find one in that vast multi-tasking machine? No. After scrambling around for an annoying amount of time they appear with a pencil so short that you would need to be the size of Tom Thumb to use it.

Kids, don’t you just love them?


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