To tweet or not to tweet? That is the question.

I’ve been on twitter for years, ever since I saw the stand up comedian Dave Gorman, who made it seem so funny, I signed up straightaway, waiting in anticipation for up-to-date laughs. Unfortunately, I was bitterly disappointed as I soon realised that I wasn’t really interested in celebrities inflating their own ego, promoting themselves and to be frank, boring me. However, in the last few months I have totally changed my mind.

Making connections

After deciding to take the plunge and write a blog I decided to set up a different twitter account to help promote my writing (I had done my research and this is what other bloggers advised). Although only a few people have read my blog via twitter, it has opened up a new world for me in terms of connecting with other professionals across the country.

I love the fact that when you are mulling things over in your head about a teaching idea, you can just put it out there and people respond. Last night I asked if anyone had any good recommendations for books to read with a Year 3 class- I had 12 people respond in the following hour, suggesting books that I have never heard of, but definitely want to read. One response also included one amusing typo.



So the teaching world is making connections- much better than working alone in your classroom and school. Ideas can be shared and questions asked. Another discovery is #PrimaryRocks- the edchat that occurs every Monday night 8pm-9pm. Four questions are asked throughout the hour and basically you just respond with your thoughts and ideas.

It’s a great way to connect with fellow educators and actually gives you time to pause and reflect. This week I saw a lovely resource that could be used on the run up to Christmas.


I also love the promotion of having ‘me time’, as it’s not all about teaching. #teacher5aday is about having time for yourself outside the classroom, looking at different aspects such as connect, exercise, notice. In November the task was to take different photos (below is the calendar)

Opening doors

So as I have said, my aim in opening my twitter account was to promote my blog and although this hasn’t strictly worked so far, it has opened a door to something else. I messaged a person via twitter to ask if she could take a look at my blog (I wanted someone who didn’t know me to give me their opinion). The person I asked shares an amazing picture each day on their blog onceuponapicture.wordpress.com. I have used these pictures when teaching (in fact it saved my day recently when supply teaching, where there was very little work left in English and I had to suddenly think on my feet).


Anyway she messaged back and said she liked my blogs (that would have been enough for me) but then she continued to say she would welcome me on board and I could write something for her online education magazine. WHAT?!? I never expected that and I quickly searched and familiarised myself with @primedmagazine before quickly saying yes.

So for those of you not on twitter or are cynical like I was, maybe take a look again and see what you discover. It’s definitely surprised me.



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