Making time for me.

This time last year I rarely went on twitter and definitely hadn’t even heard of teacher5aday. Roll on a year and I feel compelled to write a teacher5aday pledge, especially after my roller coaster year workwise. Every September I usually make a new school year resolution, something I want to do better, but this is always work related, something about marking or planning. Making a teacher5aday pledge I think is more important to my general well being, especially as I’m due to start a new job in January, with a new set of children, new classroom, new topics to plan and teach. So here it goes…
1. I want to have time with my own children each day. Even if it’s reading a bedtime story and asking about their day. So important when you feel bogged down with work as you can easily rush getting them to bed so you can continue working.
2. Actually be organised and arrange to go out with the hubby once a month.
3. Meet friends once a week- they have been the saving grace this year when I have had low moments. They have done more than their share of listening to my work problems!

1. Yoga once a week. Fallen in love with yoga but sometimes on a Tuesday after a mega staff meeting and a backlog of marking it has been sacrificed. Hopefully not this year.
2. Going on a long walk once a week.

1. I want to take a photo everyday, something I notice, something interesting, beautiful or funny.

1. Continue to blog, something I’ve loved. I know I will have less time but I need to make time to write.
1. I want to try to be more creative, so I want to grab opportunities to learn how to make things. I mean a few weeks ago I actually made my own Christmas wreath- something I never thought I would be able to do. Who knows what’s next?
2. Continue to learn from the mavellous #PrimaryRocks team on twitter.

1. Not too sure about this yet, I’m usually pretty good at volunteering even if it’s only running a stall at my son’s Christmas fair. I’m sure this aspect will sort it’s self out.

Hoping for a happy, settled, not work obsessed year.
Happy New Year everyone!

#teacher5aday #pledge


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