What does your classroom say about you? 

January isn’t the usual time of the year to get a classroom ready for action, but since I have a new class that’s what I did today. Actually I’m lying. The fantastic teacher (soon to be a mum), who has had the class since September is so organised and has left everything absolutely ready for me. I simply just stuck a title on a new display board and got my slaves, (sorry I mean my children, who were also in an inset day) to check everyone had a pencil.

Anyway the whole process got me thinking about how classrooms can reflect a teacher’s personality. I feel teachers fall into two types: the creative, chaotic type and the super organised, tidy type.

The creative, chaotic type.
These classrooms can look messy, with piles of paper and books around the room. You will be lucky to actually locate the teachers desk as it is camouflaged as a paper recycling collect point. Usually unfinished 3D models and artwork are stacked up near the sink, waiting for that magical moment to be finished. These classrooms could give the impression that these teachers are struggling, overwhelmed with the load of paperwork. Yes they might constantly shuffle through the mountain of papers to find that particular document for an important staff meeting, always losing and misplacing belongings. However underneath all this chaos, you will find these teachers are risk takers, implusive, ideas people. Look more closely at displays, they are probably imaginative and creative. These teachers thrive in this chaotic jungle.

The super organised type.
These classrooms are immaculate, the teachers desk is always clear at the end of the day. In fact they are always empty, even midway through the day, at the most there will be a couple of pages of planning neatly left at the edge of the desk. These teachers never lose important documents, they always know where to find a particular piece of ìnformation at a moments notice. Displays are uniform, symmetrical, with an overuse of resources from Twinkl. To be honest this teacher probably suffers from OCD, they probably even have a bottle of antibacterial spray in their cupboard for their own personal use. Cleaners love these teachers. However being so super organised can mean these types are predictable, safe in their teaching. At times boring. 

You might now be thinking which type am I? The truth is teachers probably fall into elements of both, however it’s easy to dismiss a teacher because of a messy classroom. I’ve seen it happen. Let’s celebrate our differences.


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