Being resilient 

Ahoy there me hearties! This week I have been doing a very good impression of a pirate.
Actually this is the second time in a few months that I have looked like a pirate. During November I donned my tricorn pirate hat and eye patch in order to help out at my daughter’s school during a pirate themed day. It was great fun taking part rather than having the stress of organising and running the event- going on treasure hunts and making the head teacher walk the plank was a real laugh. However, this week I looked a different type of pirate as I looked like this.

Don’t worry I’m ok. I’ve only had minor operation to try to remove a cyst on my eyelid, it was only a ‘small procedure’ but I’m rubbish at :
a) hospitals in general
b) having anybody fiddle with my eye- I mean I struggle with simple eye drops and could never wear contact lenses.
And in actual fact it was horrible, don’t worry I won’t go into graphic details but I’m not embarrassed to say I cried. A lot.

My son had an operation to raise his eye lid when he was only 3 years old. He didn’t fuss or cry. Even now 3 years on he has eye gel three times a day to lubricate his eye and doesn’t even flinch. He never complains and puts me to shame. So this got me thinking how resilient some children are, how good they are at coping. My son’s operation is nothing compared to what some children go through. I’ve taught children who have complex medical needs or are disabled and I can honestly say their positivity is amirable. A couple of children who stick in my mind were constantly happy, had lots of friends and were a pleasure to be around. If you actually knew what they went through on a daily basis it’s even more astonishing. And their positivity rubbed off onto their peers, those particular classes were much more caring than any other classes I have taught. Spending time with resilient children is a lesson to us all.


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