Morning madness 

You could have predicted that I would write this blog- it’s early into the Spring term, two weeks of getting all four of us out of the house by 7.45am at the latest, two weeks of the harsh reality that this will be the pattern for the next few months.
I have actually enjoyed going back to work, getting to know my new class. But one thing I do not miss is the luxury of leisurely getting ready for the school run at 9. We became complacent, some mornings fitting in a game or craft activity before school like we were showing off that we had so much time on our hands, but now in the cruel winter mornings we have the daily battle of rushing to get us all up and out.

Morning usually goes like this …
Wake at 6.10am. Sneak into the shower trying not too wake anyone for that much needed 10 minutes alone time.

6.25am My son is usually awake now demanding breakfast (he is always starving first thing in the morning) so I get ready like the speed of light.

6.35am Downstairs doing some major multi-tasking: Boiling the kettle, toast for son, cobbling together sandwiches for my packed lunch, raiding cupboards for something healthy for daughter’s snack and if I’m feeling energetic empty the dishwasher (although in all honesty my husband usually does this).

6.50am Eat my breakfast. Have a few precious minutes checking my phone.

7.00am Up my game as have to venture into daughter’s bedroom and have the first attempt at waking her. I’m nice this first time with just a ‘Darling it’s time to get up.’ That soon changes.

7.05am. Drag my son away from the television and upstairs to get ready. Most days he is compliant on the mornings when I’m busiest he suddenly loses all ability to dress himself and wants me to help him. Now raising my voice a tad for daughter to wake up.

7.10am Realise I’ve not had time to do my makeup so rush back to my bedroom to attempt to make myself look least like I’ve had more than 2 seconds to get ready.

7.20am Husband leaves for work with the words ‘Hope you are ok’ knowing full well daughter not even slightly trying to get ready. Son suddenly wants to play daughts. Try to explain that I can’t. He cries.Voice volume increases as now pleading for daughter to GET OUT OF BED! Suddenly have that heart stopping moment that she needs a packed lunch too as she’s volunteered to go on an e-safety trip. Go downstairs to make another packed lunch, swearing under my breath as I slap ham on an unlucky piece of bread.

7.25am Progress. Head upstairs and daughter now in bathroom. Hopeful that she’s getting ready. Run around making beds/ opening curtains.

7.30am She’s still not ready. Scream silently as we realise her trousers are dirty so end up rinsing them under the tap. Go into bedroom to dry with my hairdryer.

7.35am Attempt to tie up daughter’s hair. Check she’s taken her inhaler. Remember it’s library day for son so locate book and put in book bag. Breathe a sign of relief it’s not show and tell.

7.40am Downstairs at last, gather bags and coats then run up to school to drop off at kids club, I’m lucky that I am near enough to walk.

7.50am Return to my car and drive to work. Then a relaxing day of teaching- guided reading, maths, English, eco team meeting, science, French and to top it off three hour parents evening. 

Can you tell I’m tired? 


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