Too much too young? 

Just a short blog this week – I had a precious few moments alone with my son on the drive to his swimming lesson and he was telling me about school. Nothing unusual there you might think. However it was what he telling me that has made me think. Instead of telling me about friendships/ fallings out/ playing/ exploring, he was explaning to me what an adverb is, giving me an example within a sentence, then he went onto tell me about using the power of three in his writing ‘the shiny, ruby, red car’ was the example he used. Can you tell he’s in Year 2? 

Now I’m not in anyway criticising his teacher as I’m really impressed at the progress he has made this year. He’s transformed from a stereotypical, struggling August born boy, to a child who can suddenly read. I’m really proud of him and also know of all the extra input school has put in. It’s just that working in a school, I also know the pressure Y2 (and Y6) teachers face with SATS. I don’t wish for the ‘good old days’ like when I was at school, because to be honest my infant teachers were shocking- my dad had to teach me to read because left to them I would have been illiterate. Nevertheless I have noticed a huge difference in expectation since my daughter was in Year 2, just three years ago-before the new National Curriculum. I do wish that the pressure of tests was taken away from the young. I know my son has no awareness that Year 2 is such a crucial year and quite right too. I just wonder if there is a perfect age for testing? Do they need to be bombarded with such terminology? Or am I just being an over protective mum? All I know is at 6 years old, in my eyes he is still v young. Yes, in a way I’m pleased he’s remembered what an adverb is, but what is more important to me is that when he returns home he can escape in his imaginary world of play- give me dragons and castles any day.


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