Caught in a work bubble

The original title that popped into my head for this blog was ‘Trapped in a work bubble’ but I changed it, as I’m not trapped. I actually like my job, especially the small moments. For example this week I saw a boy give a reassuring pat on the back to the girl he sits next to, when she came in upset after one lunchtime. No one asked him to look after her, he just naturally cared for her. That’s a nice moment when you see that happen in a classroom. Or when I told my Eco Team I had ordered special badges to wear with pride- they actually cheered because they were so excited. Or when children have enjoyed doing something at school and go home and do extra stuff, just because they want to. 
But forget all that. This blog is about being caught up with work. Thinking about work all the time; the day to day grind of planning, preparing, marking, assessing. It’s relentless. I mean I arrive at school at 8am, work solid all day with only about 15 mins for lunch, leave about 5pm. Collect my children, have tea, homework, bedtime etc. Then start work again- marking or preparing for the next day. That’s kind of ok as I’m used to that kind of work ethic. It’s all I’ve know for the past 19 years. However, in recent years I’m finding more and more that I am thinking about work a lot too. Last night I was awake at 4am mulling something over in my head. And my worst fault … I talk about work constantly; I feel sorry for my long suffering friends and family.  It’s the job. Teaching is so consuming. 

So I have to make myself pop that work bubble and release myself. Let myself sink down to the real world. Do something normal and forget about marking those English books, as I need to escape. I need to make sure I catch up with friends, do some yoga, go for a walk, spend more time with my family, just stop and breath. So note to myself ‘Keep popping my work bubble’ otherwise I will be trapped, floating in my own little world.


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