Much needed family time

If you had stepped into our house last Thursday and then returned a week later, you would have thought that the first, disfunctional family had been abducted by aliens and replaced by a calm, normal family. The truth is that we were all tired and needed a break from work and school. I was going to put we needed a holiday, but we haven’t been away or done anything special. Well we did go to Ikea without having a major argument which in itself is unique, but what I mean is we have just spent much needed family time together.

I could tell this last half term was a week too long when I realised the children were permanently slumped in front of the TV, eyes glazed over and when given a simple request like ‘Come and have your tea’ the tears and arguments that followed were unreal. Fast forward a week, TV has rarely been on, instead they have played games, spent time in the garden, invented secret clubs and even tidied bedrooms without being asked! 

We are lucky as both my husband and myself are teachers, so when we are on holiday we are all off together. But to be honest we need that time together. The last half term seemed very long with the final week challenging us both in terms of work, but within a couple of days into the break you look at things with a different perspective. 

So although I am grateful for having a job I still love after 20 years, I am also grateful for the holidays and having a family to spend this time with.


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