Stress is … lying awake at 2am in the morning, unable to go back to sleep because your head is whirling with work.

Stress is … totally zoning out, staring into space then realising someone had been speaking to you.

Stress is … shrieking at your children because they are still not ready to leave the house after spending the last 15 minutes nagging.

Stress is … having flitting between 5 different open windows on the computer because your mind can’t focus on one job.

Then, eventhough you can’t possibly have a whole weekend off work, with planning, marking and the dreaded report deadline looming, you go away for a weekend. Talking, connecting, eating, drinking, laughing, sleeping.

Reflecting on life, putting things into perspective. Analysing how to make things easier. Packing stress back into a box, hoping not to open it again for a while.


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