What a difference a year makes

Life can sometimes be a rollercoaster ride, ups and downs, twists and turns. As you get older you get a bit better at coping with what life throws at you. And when it comes to work I’ve realised most things are not the end of the world.

This time last year I was jobless. For the first time in my career I signed up with a couple of supply agencies and crossed my fingers that I would actually make some money. For some reason I thought I would struggle keeping control of a class of children I didn’t know, but in actually fact that was fine (apart from one horrendous Y3 class). I think I forgot I had been teaching for nearly 20 years, I could cope with thinking on the spot. I could do this. The best part of being on supply was having a snap shot of so many different schools and how they did things. This actually was a privilege. I mean who knew some classrooms had artifical turf instead of a carpet? Or some schools had a tablet per child? Or in some schools the average age of staff was about 25- making me feel very old indeed.

The break in having a ‘proper’ job allowed me the time to write blogs and join twitter- which I still strongly recommend as the best CPD ever. Supply teaching boosted my confidence, but I was more than happy in January to return to the school I was at previously, to cover a maternity leave in a Y3/4 class. The year has been great. Tiring and at some points stressful, but on the whole I’ve enjoyed it.

Now a year on from being jobless, in September I have finally got a permanent position teaching Y5/6 and I’m also part of the senior leadership team. I feel very lucky as I’ve turned a rubbish experience of being made redundant to positive experience that’s worked for me.

I still love my job after 20 years (strange I know), but I also know a job is a job. Family and friends are more important and without their support during this rollercoster year I wouldn’t have been as level headed and positive. As I’ve said I am very lucky.


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